Speedlite 270EX Overview
  Key Selling Points
Bounce for Soft Lighting
Better quality of light
Bouncing the light from a flash off of the
ceiling diffuses the light for much softer
lighting of subjects:
  • Provides a much more natural
    looking image

  • Eliminates red eye, harsh flash shadows, and washed out images

Click-stop Positions
The Speedlite 270EX's flash head can tilt upward at angles up to 90� for easily shooting bounce pictures (with the camera held horizontally) in rooms with 8 to 10-foot white ceilings for major photo improvements compared to direct flash with the built-in unit

To demonstrate bounce flash with the Speedlite 270EX, be sure to FIRST pull the flash head out to its 50mm zoom position,
then tilt it upward