Prime Wide-Angle Lenses
EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM lens & EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM lens: World’s first fixed focal length, wide-angle lenses with Image Stabilization!

Deliver Spectacular Image Quality

Canon’s engineers have developed a totally new pair of fixed focal length, wide-angle lenses, an optical re-design to meet the challenges of today’s high-resolution, full-frame digital SLRs.

Image Stabilization

These two lenses have been in the line for over 20 years, but Canon’s total redesign has added an unprecedented development to wide-angle photography — for the first time ever, IMAGE STABILIZATION in a fixed focal length, wide-angle lens!

  • This translates to an equivalent effect of 4 stops!

Canon Renowned Optics

Both lenses have been redesigned with improvements in image quality:

  • Corner to corner sharpness
  • Faster and more precise autofocus
  • Full time manual focus
  • 7 blade circular aperture
    • Soft backgrounds
  • New coatings
    • Minimize ghosting and flare

Lightweight, Compact Design

Their size and light weight adds to their appeal:

  • A compact and very unassuming exterior
  • Easy to use as a “bag lens” at 10 ounces or less

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Some images and effects simulated.