PowerShot Wi-Fi Technology
Typical Smart Phone Operation
Typical Operation Between the Camera and the Smart Phone:
  • One of the most popular expected applications of the Wi-Fi capability in the PowerShot ELPH 320 HS and PowerShot ELPH 530 HS is the ability to shoot pictures and video with the camera, and then send them wirelessly and instantly to an iPhone®   or iPad®  .
  • Users can be out and about or even at a wedding and take either photos or video, then instantly send those photos to friends and relatives who were unable
    to attend.
    • Allows for rapid sharing, making those who unfortunately had to miss out feel as though they’re witnessing the event.
The Steps for this Would Be:
Press the Smart Phone icon
  • Press the Smart Phone icon on the
    camera’s LCD monitor in order to connect to the device.
Select a file on the
camera's memory card
  • Select one or more photo or video image files on camera’s memory card.
Ad Hoc connection

Access point connection
  • Transfer to the device, using your choice
    of either:
    • Ad Hoc connection
      (when the camera and mobile device communicate directly with each other), or
    • Access point connection
      (WAP or WLAN)
Save the files on the device
  • Save image file(s) on the smart phone
    or tablet.
Upload to your favorite internet sites
  • Upload from the mobile device to an internet site (such as Facebook®  ) using a Wi-Fi connection or 3G line.
Friends and relatives can view
your images and videos online
with their own devices
  • Enjoy the comments and compliments
    your friends and relatives give as
    feedback when they view the images and
    video online.
Users also have the option of connecting FROM their SmartPhone TO their camera to gain access to the files on the memory card. This allows users to rely on their SmartPhone to control the process of viewing, selecting, and transferring images.

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