PowerShot SX260 HS
Location data can be saved with user images

GPS Logger information can be viewed in-camera

Location data can also be viewed using Canon software
Built-in GPS Support
An ideal feature for an increasingly accessible and navigable world. This system offers the following benefits:
  • Add location data to each picture taken: Allows users to keep track of where they have been, and this information can be uploaded with the image to the internet to keep your friends and family up-to-date on your travels.
  • Allows for easy search of pictures: By simply clicking on an on-line map or entering GPS data, photos tagged within that location will be selected for review.
  • Record GPS Logger information: Continually track and record where the photographer and camera have been throughout the day within a GPS log. This info is then viewable using Canon software, and can be applied to web sites such as Google Maps.
    • New! Now there is a significant reduction in power used to record continuous GPS Logger info
20x Zoom Lens
1x zoom
20x zoom
The PowerShot SX260 HS has a lens range that is equivalent to a 25�500mm lens on an SLR, making it perfect for capturing vacation photos whether they consist of the family while they lounge close-by or documenting exotic wildlife from a distance, while still being able to fit the camera easily into a bag, purse, or shirt pocket.
  • World’s thinnest compact camera* with 20x zoom lens.
  • It’s not simply a stylish design, it’s an noteworthy engineering achievement to put such a broad-range zoom lens into a camera with such a slim, pocket-able size.
  • While everyone will be impressed with the strong telephoto zoom power, be sure to point out the ultra-wide coverage at the opposite zoom end — great for broad views of interiors, landscapes, and even group photos in confined areas.
  • As of December 1, 2011
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