PowerShot SX260 HS
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  1. Intelligent Image ________ is just one of many featured technologies that improve overall image quality.
  2. The camera�s GPS System is just one more reason why the PowerShot SX260 HS is a great camera for those who will _______, explore, or adventure.
  3. This camera is one of the most _______ PowerShot models due to its ability to fulfill just about every need of a casual user.
  4. The HS System means ________ sensitivity.
  5. The PowerShot SX260 HS has the ability to zoom-in optically during video recording, as opposed to using a ________ zoom.
  1. Perhaps the greatest achievement within the PowerShot series to date is including such a powerful zoom within such a _________ camera size.
  2. Increasing the sound quality in video playback, the PowerShot SX260 HS features _______ audio recording.
  3. The Face ID technology can _______ individual faces once they�ve been registered into the camera.
  4. The HS System, Intelligent Image Stabilization technology, and Smart AUTO are only some of the advanced Canon features that have been developed to increase overall ____________ quality.
  5. With a 25-500mm lens equivalent, the PowerShot SX260 HS has a similar zoom range of both a ________ angle lens and a telephoto lens.
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