PowerShot SD990 IS
What's New?
With higher resolution than most 2008 digital SLRs, the 14.7 million pixel SD990 IS boasts the very latest DiG!C 4 processor and ground-breaking technology in an ultra-compact, pocket camera.
14.7 Million Pixels
Uncompromising images that combine high detail with extremely
low noise
  • More resolution than most digital SLRs
  • The ultra-compact choice for those who regularly make large prints
  • Well suited for cropping to get fantastic detail
DiG!C 4 Image Processor
Canon�s latest generation processor is fast and super-powerful
  • The key component in turning each pixel�s brightness signals into
    a finished image
  • Powers new on-board features including i-Contrast, Motion Detection and Servo AF
  • Handles many operational tasks so the SD990 IS is always quick
    and responsive
Manual Functionality
A first in the Digital ELPH series
  • Finely tune and adjust exposure manually, in addition to traditional full-auto exposure
  • User-adjustable shutter speeds range from 15 full seconds to 1/1600th second, in 1/3-stop increments
  • Safety MF (Manual Focus) allows last-minute fine adjustment of focus after it�s been set manually
New Motion Detection Technology
Motion Detection Technology is active in High ISO AUTO mode, automatically detects motion and optimizes exposure and ISO for
sharper images
  • Camera evaluates each scene to detect any camera movement or subject movement
  • Once motion is detected, the camera selects a higher ISO, for faster shutter speeds
  • If no motion is detected, lower ISOs are applied to increase
    image quality
Auto ISO Shift
ISO instantly raised to allow faster shutter speeds and
safer hand-holding
  • New �Auto� option allows camera to raise ISO automatically
    if needed
  • Previous �Manual� option: Press Direct Print button when shooting
    to raise ISO
With the SD990 IS, Canon adds refined automatic options.
  • The power of the DiG!C 4 processor allows for sophisticated features like Face Detect and Track, advanced Motion Detection, and new Servo AF capability.
  • Optical Image Stabilization adds a new level of confident, sharp shooting.
  • The super-sharp 2.5 inch LCD monitor with Canon�s PureColor II technology allows easy framing and review of every shot and now includes a
    real-time histogram.
  • The Auto ISO shift option instantly raises ISO to allow faster shutter speeds and safer hand-holding.
  • Three White Balance options include auto, Pre-sets and custom; Faces are evaluated and emphasized for WB accuracy with Face Detect AF.
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