PowerShot SD4500 IS
  Key Selling Points
Smart Auto & New Special Scene Modes
Bright Subject on a
Black Background
Better Fill-in Flash
in Bright Sunlight
“Smart Auto” adds 2 new scenes to identify 28 different challenging scenes and automatically use the optimal settings:
  • Spotlights for brightly lit subjects against black backgrounds
  • Strong Facial Shadows for better fill-in flash in sunlight
New! The first PowerShot to feature new Special Scene Modes:
  • Best Shot rapidly shoots 5 2.5-Megapixel images and automatically chooses the one with the best exposure and facial details
  • Handheld Night Scene combines shorter exposure shots into one at a long shutter speed for sharp low-light pictures
Additional Special Scene Modes provide easy and fun ways to take pictures:
  • Poster Effect creates a look similar to a hand-painted poster
  • Super Vivid increases color saturation for additional bursts of color
  • Low Light shoots 2.5-Megapixel images with high ISOs and heavy noise reduction
  • High-speed Burst shoots 8.8 frames per second at a
    2.5-Megapixel resolution
  • Miniature Effect makes the subject look like a miniature model set
  • Fish-eye Effect creates an excessively round appearance like an SLR with a fish-eye lens
  • Smile fires the shutter when the principal face smiles
  • Wink Self-timer fires the shutter 2 seconds after the main
    person winks
  • Face Self-timer fires the shutter 2 seconds after detecting
    another face
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