Canon PowerShot D20
Built-in GPS
Enhancing its suitability for travel, the new PowerShot D20 has built-in GPS
receiver capabilities.
GPS location data will be saved
with each image
Apply GPS location data to the standard text data attached to each image.
  • Along with date/time, shutter speed,
    and so on, users can get a record of
    longitude, latitude, and altitude for each image they take
Stored location information can be
viewed via computer using
included mapping software
The PowerShot D20 also adds Canon's GPS Logger capability, now with significantly reduced battery consumption:
  • Even when the user is not taking pictures, a daily record of the camera's movements can be stored
  • The stored location information can then be viewed via computer using the included mapping software
  • Unlike previous PowerShot GPS Logging systems, the D20's will operate whether the camera is turned on or off
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