Canon PowerShot D20
5x Zoom Lens
1x zoom
5x zoom
The PowerShot D20 features a 5x zoom lens, equivalent to a 28-140mm focal length
  • The 28mm wide-angle capabilities make it useful in many real-life indoor and
    travel situations
  • The tele-zoom capability up to the equivalent of 140mm allows users to get more than portrait-length telephoto coverage
Super-slim body

Lens allows for waterproof sealing
Setting the D20 apart from most PowerShot models is the "folded" optical system:
  • The lens is oriented vertically within
    the camera
  • Extremely precise mirrors are used for a "periscope" type of effect
  • Allows for a super-slim body without sacrificing zoom capability
  • Since the front of the lens never projects outward from the camera, true waterproof sealing can be achieved, allowing the camera to be submerged down to depths of 33 feet (10m)
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