PowerShot A800

From High Fashion to “Hi, Mom,” from Home Runs to Home for the Holidays – when it comes to great pictures, Canon leads the way. Whether you’re a sharp shooter or just shooting from the hip, Canon has the technology, features, and design to capture the moment like no one else. New settings, better performance, sleek styling. For 2011, Canon proudly introduces the PowerShot A800.

Canon’s compact digital cameras just keep getting better and better. This module will introduce you to the newest and least-expensive in Canon’s versatile and stylish compact cameras: The PowerShot A800.

Sales FYI: The PowerShot A800 will appeal to:
  • Families looking to replace an older digital camera with a low cost, easy-to-operate compact camera

  • Families looking for an affordable, versatile second camera

  • Anyone looking for an inexpensive yet attractive gift

The PowerShot A800 has a variety of exciting features:
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Auto modes that select the optimal settings for current shooting conditions
  • New! scene modes for picture perfect clarity and creative effects
  • Faster shooting speeds than ever before
  • Longer battery life
  • Higher memory capacity
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