PowerShot A1000 IS
Take Better Pictures!
The A1000 IS has super high resolution AND Image Stabilization for amazing sharpness. Other features provide the best people pictures possible.
Equivalent to a 35-140mm lens
4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom Lens
The A1000 IS features an all-glass zoom equivalent to a 35-140mm lens on a 35mm camera. Built into the lens is Canon�s renowned Optical Image Stabilization system, which provides up to approximately 3 stops of shake correction. Image Stabilization means crisp, sharp images; blur free photos in low light conditions.
Face Detect White Balance
Face Detection Technology
For great people pictures, every time! Concentrates on people, adjusts focus, exposure, flash and optimized white balance for best results. Canon�s Face Detect White Balance means that Auto WB concentrates upon faces for more natural skin tones.
Face Select and Track
Face Select Button
The face is the priority for focus, white balance, flash and exposure. The Face Select and Track means users can select one face among several, and follow and track that face as it moves around.
Motion Detection
Motion Detection Technology
A totally new Canon technology for better pictures in nearly any situation. Active when using Easy Mode and High-ISO Auto, this feature detects both camera and subject motion for a more intelligent method of automatically selecting the ISO. If Motion Detection senses no motion it chooses a lower ISO. Likewise, if it senses motion it will select a higher ISO for faster shutter speed.
Red-eye Correction
during Shooting
Red-eye Correction
Now active during shooting, it kicks-in automatically whenever the flash is used. This isn't simple "red-eye reduction". The camera actually can detect red eyes in a person's face at the instant a flash picture is taken, and correct these as it processes the image and writes it to the memory card.
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