Canon PowerShot HS System
Wrap it Up!
The Canon PowerShot HS System provides a clear advantage for every user that demands high-quality images regardless of the shooting situation.
Available in a wide range of PowerShot models, the HS System offers significant benefits for even the most critical shooter.

Key Ideas:

  • Redesigned CCD and CMOS sensors for much greater light sensitivity
  • Re-tuned DIGIC 4 processors for instant, powerful noise-reduction
  • Only available in specific PowerShot models
The combination of increased light-sensitivity (and thus, more useable
information) and a powerful processor tuned for noise-reduction calculations means that HS System cameras render images with greater tonal accuracy and reduced noise. Users who may have been reluctant to shoot at any ISO over 400 can now confidently shoot at ISO 800 (or even higher) and still get the image quality they demand.

What's in the Canon PowerShot HS System Click here to see more information about Canon basic features, functions, shooting modes and accessories.

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