Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
Canon�s Full Frame CMOS Image Sensor provides the ultimate quality for
professional images. The larger size provides more freedom of lens choice and
more creative opportunities.

Canon Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

  • Expanded output for professional image quality, larger print size and takes full advantage of the capabilities of Canon lenses for all serious photographers.
  • Professional Results
    Full-frame sensors are significantly larger than the sensors in most digital SLRs*, and deliver professional results for commercial reproduction in magazines and books, and superb detail in large poster-size prints.
  • Excellent Image Quality
    Industry-leading 14 bit color depth delivers 16,384 tone levels per pixel to create stunningly detailed, large scale prints.
  • Full Lens Utilization
    The Canon Full Frame CMOS sensor is the same size as a traditional piece of 35mm film � the size that Canon interchangeable lens systems have been based around for over 50 years. Conversion factors are a thing of the past and a wide angle lens is just that, wide angle�edge to edge with complete coverage.
  • The Canon Full-Frame CMOS Sensor is designed and engineered by Canon exclusively for Canon digital cameras.
  • *Canon's full-frame CMOS sensors are 24x36mm in size, the same size as a 35mm film negative or transparency. Most of today's digital SLRs use a much smaller sensor, typically around 15x22mm in size.
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