Understanding Evaluative Metering
Alternatives to Evaluative Metering
Although Evaluative Metering is perfectly capable in most situations and a viable “everyday” option for most photographers, in certain circumstances, and for certain users, alternative metering methods may be preferable to Evaluative Metering.
Center-Weighted Metering

Center-Weighted Metering:
Like Evaluative Metering, Center-Weighted Metering reads nearly the entire frame. Unlike Evaluative Metering, however, it concentrates on what is in the center of the frame, with reduced sensitivity further from the center. It makes no effort to analyze different areas of the scene and make adjustments; instead, it simply measures reflected light.

Center-Weighted Metering works well for evenly-lit subjects and some professionals prefer it because any exposure compensation applied is entirely determined by the photographer. For decades, Center-Weighted Metering was the industry standard in manual-
focus SLRs, so users with many years of experience may find this method familiar.

Spot Metering

Spot Metering:
This metering method is very selective and measures only approximately 3% of the scene — almost always dead-center in the frame. Combined with manual exposure, this can provide very precise results. Or, it works well if combined with Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) when shooting in an auto exposure mode like Av
or Tv.

This method can be well-suited for carefully metering tricky scenes if time is not an issue. This method is not recommended for new SLR shooters, as it takes a fair amount of experience and practice for best results.

Partial Metering

Partial Metering:

Like Spot Metering, this is a very selective metering method that reads only about 10% of the picture's area. This can be useful for
portrait shooters who need to quickly read a skin tone or to meter just the grass in a landscape, for example.

Compensation may be necessary if the metered area is especially light or dark relative to the rest of the scene. This method is not recommended for beginners.

For example: this can be useful for portrait shooters who need to quickly read a skin tone or meter just the grass in the landscape.

Graphic look at metering areas with EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds series cameras. With recent versions of
these models (only), Spot metering can be linked to an off-center AF point, using C.Fn I-7-1.

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