EOS Rebel T1i
  Key Selling Points
Designed for Novices and Advanced Users
Creative Auto Setting
"CA" Creative Auto setting on the camera's Mode Dial takes casual users to the next level by offering more flexibility than Full Auto with:
  • User adjustments in an Automatic mode before shooting without needing to understand aperture, shutter speed, etc...

  • Easier to understand camera menu phrases including "blur the background" and "lighten or darken the image" to help beginner SLR users improve their shots while learning
    new techniques
Live View button
Improved Live View offers accessibility to all menu settings and shooting options as well as a dedicated button for activation

Quick Control Screen
Quick Control Screen enables advanced users to set up functions on a single screen for immediate access by simply pressing the SET button when the camera�s ready to shoot

Copyright Protection
Copyright Protection, for advanced users,
can now appear in the shooting data of
each image
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