Accessorize Your EOS
Canon accessories provide solutions for all levels of SLR photographers while creating an additional sales opportunity. There is a vast system of accessories available for the EOS cameras. Whatever the area of interest, these accessories can improve your clients' photography and make it a little easier. These items are an integral part of the complete camera system and should be included at the initial sale.
Sales Highlights
  • Wireless File Transmitter
    Gives the photographer the ability to:
    • Send images directly to a computer�s hard drive, as they�re taken
    • Review and edit photographs while they are being taken
    • Remotely control the camera, including the ability to see what the camera sees and even focus the camera — all from the computer
    • Use a third party GPS device to record GPS data while the picture is
      being taken
    • Record images to a USB external hard drive, in addition to using the camera’s memory card

  • Interchangeable Focus Screens
    There are three types of focus screens available for SLR photographers:
    • "D" or Grid-type screens have grid lines etched into the screen
      that greatly assist in composition; the lines are faint enough to be
      unobtrusive when not needed. Once thought to be mainly for
      architectural or product photographers, they’re actually great for
      general picture-taking, making it easy to keep straight lines in
      subjects perfectly straight.
    • "S" type or Superior Precision Matte screens improve the ability to asses sharp focus when using fast lenses (maximum apertures f/1.8 thru f/2.8). They make the in-focus part of a scene appear to visually “pop” into more vibrant focus than standard focus screens do.
    • "A" type or Standard replacement screens provide photographer with an easy replacement should their original focus screen become scratched or damaged.

    Target customers for the "D" or "A" type screen include any serious
    photographer concerned with improving composition � regardless of the lenses he or she uses. Photographers using a wide aperture �fast� lens may be interested in the �S� type screens.

    User-interchangeable focus screens are available for:

    • All versions of EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds cameras
    • EOS 5D
    • EOS 5D Mark II
    • EOS 40D, 50D

  • Car Battery Charger
    Gives the traveling photographer the security of knowing that charging their camera battery is as close as their car. Car Battery Chargers are available for most digital SLRs.

  • Battery Grip
    • Improves handling, especially for customers with large hands (particularly for the smaller Digital Rebel models)
    • Provides more comfort when shooting in the vertical position due to the dedicated vertical shutter button and controls
    • Increases power capacity if two batteries are installed, which
      is particularly helpful in long-shooting situations and when using
      built-in flash
    Target Customers include photographers of all abilities and interests. The battery grip is an accessory which ideally should be demonstrated to any EOS customer who is shooting without one�it�s amazing how many users will find it improves the handling of the camera.

  • Remote Controls
    There are two basic types of remote controls: �
    • Simple remotes enable the photographer to wake up the camera and trigger the shutter via a short connecting cord (2.6 ft). It also has a locking function for long “bulb” exposures.
      • Single-pin Remote Switch RS-60E3
        (All EOS digital Rebel models)
      • 3-pin Remote Switch RS-80N3
        (All EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds versions, all EOS 5D versions,
        and EOS 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 20Da, 10D models)
    • Timer Remote Control is an enhanced three-pin remote (TC-80N3) that provides the same functionality as the simple remote controls above and has a self-timer, interval timer, number of exposure counter, and long exposure timer. This remote control gives the photographer the ability to trigger the camera without being present at a given time, for a given number of exposures, and at set intervals. It also lets the photographer end a bulb exposure at a predetermined exposure time without needing to be present. Fits same cameras as RS-80N3, above.
    Target customers include photographers of all abilities, especially those considering a tripod as part of their initial purchase. For an existing Canon customer who comes in to look at tripods, these remote controls should be mentioned and shown as part of your tripod demonstration.

  • Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2
    Provides off-camera flash control for the mid-range 430EX II models and high-end 580EX II model flash units, and their predecessors (430EX, 420EX, 580EX, and 550EX). With the Speedlite Transmitter, any compatible flash unit can be fired off-camera, with no connecting cords, and still have totally automatic E-TTL exposure capability.

    Simply putting the Speedlite into its �slave� mode is all that�s required. A single flash can be held or positioned off-camera for directional lighting, or for excellent bounce flash results. With two or more flashes, the Speedlite transmitter gives the photographer with a portable mini-studio for any location � limited only by the photographer�s imagination. The ST-E2 transmitter is small and lightweight with an AF assist light bulb, but no flash tube.

    Target Customers include any customer interested in using the Canon Speedlite system in conjunction with their Canon DSLR. It�s compatible with ANY Canon EOS camera, and the above-mentioned Speedlites
    (when set to their �slave� mode).
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