EOS 7D AF, Part I: Unprecedented AF Point Size Options
Wrap it Up!
Once a salesperson understands, on a basic level, what the AF Area Selection options in the EOS 7D's AF system are, it is easy to give an effective demonstration of them. In doing so, the prospective buyer (or current owner, if such is the case) is clearly shown the possibilities of the EOS 7D's 19-point AF system.

The fundamental aspects of the EOS 7D's AF system that should be
remembered are:

  • The 19 AF points, and the options for viewing them in the EOS 7D's viewfinder
  • AF Area choices: the power of changing the size of an AF point
  • Automatic AF point selection: Totally new AI Servo AF ability to select your starting AF point

Understanding the advantages offered by these systems will give any salesperson powerful selling points to present to prospective buyers, both amateur and professional alike.


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