A New class of Camera for an entirely NEW group of Photographers

Canon Digital SLRs have always been the dividing line between hobbyist photographers and amateurs, but there has been a gap in the Canon lineup of Digital SLRs between those amateurs and a new group we've identified as "True Advanced Amateurs."

This is a large new group that has moved beyond the Digital Rebel, owns an EOS and is pining away for the EOS 5D Mark II, but perhaps finds the price tag a little high. Or, maybe they want even higher performance, approaching what they�d get from an EOS-1D series camera, but without the size, weight and price tag. As advanced amateurs, this new group is passionate, but isn't making money with photography, yet.

What we've discovered is that extraordinary cameras like the EOS 5D Mark II influence the passionate aspirations of this new group but remain just out of reach, creating a true market niche that has gone unfilled by Canon or the competition. No more...

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