EOS 60D: In-Camera Processing
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In-Camera Processing
Now Possible to Save Smaller Copies of RAW & JPEG Images
The EOS 60D takes the DIGIC 4 image processor to a new level with in-camera processing of images for casual and advanced amateurs — a first for Canon EOS digital SLRs.

In-camera processing enables users to shoot a still image, play it back, and then use commands to alter and save a new copy of the image to the memory card without affecting or changing the original image.

Select One of the Processing Options

The EOS 60D includes 3 types of
in-camera processing for creating altered
copies of images:
  • In-camera RAW processing to create a new finished JPEG
  • Resizing a JPEG to produce a new lower resolution JPEG copy
  • Creative Filters to apply specific creative effects to RAW and JPEG image files

To access in-camera processing after taking a photo with the EOS 60D:

  • Go to playback mode
  • Select the Playback Menu – the 1st blue menu tab
  • Choose either RAW Image Processing, Resize, or Creative Filters
  • Each type of processing has
    several options
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Some images and effects simulated.