DIGIC 5+ Processor
The processor remains the heart of any digital camera. The EOS 5D Mark III uses a single DIGIC 5+ processor. The latest and most advanced processor from Canon, and is inherently the highest-performance DIGIC processor to date.

The benefits are as follows:

Extensive noise reduction at high ISOs
Image processing speeds approximately 17x faster than DIGIC 4 processor used in the previous EOS 5D Mark II camera:
  • Allows the image file to be rendered faster, allowing for near-immediate preview
  • Even more significant — allows for much
    more extensive noise reduction at high
    ISOs, without simply blurring actual
    subject detail
  • Reduces time spent waiting for image file
    to be created or altered via different
    creative settings
6.0 fps shooting speed
6.0 fps shooting speed — even with the highest resolution sensor (and largest file sizes) ever in a Canon EOS SLR:
  • Transforms the EOS 5D Mark III from simply a high-resolution camera to one
    that’s practical for sports, wildlife, birds-in-flight, and other challenging action-
    type shooting
No loss of burst rate even at higher ISOs
No loss of burst rate, even with “STRONG” High ISO Noise Reduction active:
  • Users will now capture more continuous
    shots when High ISO Noise Reduction
    is activated
HD video
Significant improvements in HD video:
  • Allows users to have a choice of two
    distinct compression methods: ALL-I
    and IPB
  • Along with new CMOS sensor, greatly improved video quality: less moire,
    fewer color artifacts, greatly reduced
    high-ISO noise
Significant decrease in the
amount of digital noise
Significantly improved high-ISO noise reduction at default settings:
  • Approximately two stop improvement in high-ISO noise
    • An image shot with EOS 5D Mark III at ISO 6400 will have approximately the same amount of noise as an image shot with the EOS 5D Mark II at ISO 1600
      • A significant decrease in the amount of visible noise equates to a significant increase in overall
        image quality
Multiple Exposure Menu

Multiple Exposure Control Menu
Allows for the industry’s most advanced Multiple Exposure capability:
  • Up to nine multiple images can be taken and combined in single frame
  • Four unique choices for "blending"
    exposures into one finished, multi-
    exposure image
    • Gives users ultimate creative control over their creative imaging
    • Allows processes that were previously done via computer to be done directly in-camera
HDR Mode menu
Supports In-camera HDR (High Dynamic Range) shooting mode:
  • One of the most popular multiple
    exposure combination effects can now
    be produced in-camera! No external
    computer processing needed!
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