Target Market
Retailers should distinguish between customers and predominantly recommend the EOS 5D Mark III to three audiences:
Advanced Amateur Enthusiasts
  • Experienced SLR users will be drawn to the relatively compact size, intuitive interface, improved performance and focusing capabilities, and noteworthy image quality
    • This market is familiar with DSLR operation and capabilities. They will revel in the stark improvements in image quality and HD video recording options — an extremely powerful and attainable digital imaging package
  • Regardless of subject concentration (portraits, nature and wildlife, travel, sports, candids, macro and close-up), the EOS 5D Mark III has the features and capabilities
    to capture any subject matter while delivering the best image quality ever for an
    EOS 5D model
    • Improvements in shooting and processing speed as well as the unbelievable new AF system allow this camera to boldly go where previous 5D models have been unable to go
      • Erratic birds in flight, a wild fox on the run, and a high-speed tennis game can now be added to the EOS 5D’s repertoire of scenes that are easily and
        stunningly captured

Working Professionals
  • Wedding photographers, portrait photographers, news photojournalists, commercial shooters, and just about any other professional photographer will be drawn to the EOS 5D Mark III
    • This market will be astonished at the improvements that come in leaps and bounds with this new 5D Mark III
    • The EOS 5D Mark III will become a desirable alternative to the top-of-the-line professional-grade digital cameras
      • The new-found speed, image quality, AF system, and HD video system will be extremely enticing to pro photographers who have been looking for an affordable, powerful, and relatively compact digital camera model that they can easily take on-the-go for shooting in constrained spaces
  • These individuals will also be attracted to the fact that the EOS 5D Mark III is the highest-resolution camera in the Canon EOS line*, fulfilling the need for impeccable image detail

HD Video Enthusiasts and Professionals
  • The predecessor, the EOS 5D Mark II, has revolutionized the market for its ability to capture HD video!
    • HD video enthusiasts will be delighted with the improvements made to that already-renowned system
  • The substantial improvements to the HD video image quality, as well as the general functionality and ease of use, make the EOS 5D Mark III the most adept EOS HD-SLR to date
    • Improvements in image quality, especially at high ISOs
    • Audio enhancements, including ability to attach headphones to monitor sound as it’s recorded
    • Time code options
    • Extended recording time — record continuously up to nearly 30 minutes (no more 12-minute limit)
  • These enhancements make the EOD 5D Mark III ideal for cinematographers to use for capturing stunning video in situations where it is just not practical to bring a full-size professional cinema camera
  • The super compact build of this Full HD camera coupled with the ability to shoot ultra-wide angle within confined shooting space makes it a viable option for professional cinematographers or photographers
  • Professional wedding & special events photographers as well as commercial photographers will benefit from the ability to offer clients both photo and video
    • Increasing their competitive edge, photographers can offer clients breathtaking HD video capture of their most memorable events
  • As of March, 2012
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