Canon for Beginners
The Canon Name
The Canon Name
Canon has been in the camera business for OVER 70 years.
  • Canon MEANS "Cameras"
    Canon is a name customers know for its reputation as an extraordinary camera and lens maker, not as a manufacturer of electronic devices not related
    to photography.

  • Canon’s market longevity is a powerful tool in today’s digital
    camera world.

    Many recent electronics competitors have just begun to market cameras, digital or otherwise. Canon has been doing this since the 1930s.

  • Name recognition is more important than technical knowledge.
    Customers unfamiliar with the details of a particular type of product or new product feature are generally reassured when they see a brand name they recognize
    and respect.

  • Canon is one of the easiest names to sell
    Reputation and longevity make the Canon name the perfect conversation starter when the customer first approaches the camera counter.