PowerShot A-Series Models
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This is a training module for new PowerShot A models! After completing this training,
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The PowerShot A-Series has always played the vital role of introducing first-time buyers
to the remarkable Canon line, and this series will continue to do so. The A-Series also
establishes a presence for Canon within thousands of mass-market stores and online
sites across the USA, and offers an entry-level option at thousands of photo specialty
dealers as well.

The biggest appeal for the mass-market type stores to stock the A-Series is the
affordable price points that make these models attractive to many customers. Larger electronics stores and specialty camera shops will also find that there is a market for
these affordable models, especially in a time when discretionary spending may be
very limited.

Despite challenging economic times, there will always exist a desire for people to document their families and activities. The A-Series presents an enticing way to fulfill that desire by offering stylish cameras that include numerous popular features.

Canon�s entry-level A-Series models will experience a big shift as the current 2011 models are gradually replaced by the following 2012 models:

  • PowerShot A4000 IS
  • PowerShot A3400 IS
  • PowerShot A2400 IS
  • PowerShot A2300
  • PowerShot A1300
  • PowerShot A810

Regardless of the shift in the lineup, the A-Series will remain on the foundation upon which Canon’s compact camera line rests, in terms of both sales volume and the number of outlets that display and sell Canon PowerShot cameras.

The A-Series is a powerful tool for retail store staff to keep in stock in order to be able to meet the consumer challenge of finding a high-quality compact camera at an attractive price. Often, the A-Series will meet and exceed those demands by also allowing room within the customer�s budget for one or more of the available accessories.

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