PowerShot A-Series Models
Shoot With Ease
Automatic shooting is easy with the PowerShot A3000 IS/A3100 IS and A490/A495�s advanced Canon technologies.
Scene Detection Technology
Smart Auto Mode with
Scene Detection Technology
Smart Auto mode enhances the power of full Auto by leveraging the Scene, Face, and Motion Detection technologies to determine the type of scene, and use the appropriate contrast, color saturation, white balance, and other settings for the best possible pictures.

Scene Detection improves Auto shooting by analyzing many factors including the subject brightness and contrast, camera to subject distance, and the overall screen hue to correctly identify a scene and provide the ideal settings:

  • PowerShot A3000 IS/A3100 IS and A495:
    18 different scenes
  • PowerShot A490: 13 different scenes
Face Detection
Advanced Face Detection
By finding, tracking, and setting the focus, white balance, flash, and exposure priority on up to nine human faces � even ones that are tilted or at unusual angles – Advanced Face Detection offers outstanding people pictures, which is point-and-shooters' most photographed subject.

It also incorporates automatic red-eye correction to find and immediately remove red-eye while shooting with a flash in most cases, in addition to during image playback.

When no faces are detected, it automatically changes to Canon's sophisticated AiAF system
(9 points for the PowerShot A3000 IS/A3100 IS and A495; 5 points for the PowerShot A490). With AiAF, the camera automatically selects the right focusing point(s) for sharp images.

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Face Detect Self-Timer
PowerShot A3000 IS/A3100 IS and A495: Face Detect Self-Timer
With Face Detect Self-Timer, the photographer
is always in the picture � the shutter releases
two seconds after a new face is detected in
the scene.
Smart Flash Exposure
Smart Flash Exposure Off
Canon Smart Flash Exposure On
The new Canon Smart Flash Exposure uses Scene Detection technology to avoid typical flash problems for improved flash pictures with fill-in situations, close-ups,
and typical indoor flash shots.
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