PowerShot A-Series Models
  Key Selling Points
PowerShot Style & Handling
Slimmer Design
Canon's renowned design and craftsmanship offers a stylish, yet orthodox camera with the PowerShot A3000 IS/A3100 IS featuring a new slimmer design

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PowerShot A3100 IS

PowerShot A495
The PowerShot A3100 IS and A495 are available in silver red, and blue to reflect a user's personality
PowerShot A3000 IS
& PowerShot A490
The PowerShot A3000 IS and A490 come in the traditional PowerShot silver
NB-8L Lithium-ion Battery Pack
The PowerShot A3000 IS/A3100 IS is
the first A-series camera to use a compact, rechargeable NB-8L lithium-ion battery
pack, instead of the traditional AA-size
alkaline batteries, for a slimmer design and better performance
AA-size Alkaline Batteries
The PowerShot A490/A495 are powered by
two AA-size alkaline batteries for a simple, convenient power source
SDXC Memory Card
New! SDXC compatibility enables using SD cards as large as 2 Terabytes (2,000 GB) in addition to SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus, and HCMMCplus for an incredible amount of
image storage*
  • SDXC memory cards are new SD-type cards
    that conform to a new industry standard for cards with capacities in excess of 32GB. Current SDHC and older SD-type cards can also be used in these new PowerShot cameras. High-capacity SDXC-type cards, however, cannot be used in older cameras not compatible with SDXC memory cards.
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