EOS 5D Mark II: How to Use Manual Video Exposure
  Key Selling Points
Using Manual Video Exposure Control
Using the same dials and controls as manual exposure adjustments for still
images provides intuitive Manual Video Exposure operation for users familiar
with the EOS 5D Mark II
Live View/Movie Function Menu

LV (Live View) settings must be set to “Stills + Movie” and press the SET button to then access and set the Screen Settings to “Movie Display” — manual exposure isn’t possible without “Movie Display”

'M' mode

Turn the Mode Dial on top of the camera to “M” (Manual exposure mode) — the same as
for still images

Live View button

Press the Live View button to activate Live View — all movie shooting must be done in Live View

Press the INFO button to see
the analog metering scale

If desired, press the INFO button to display the camera’s analog metering scale at the bottom of the LCD monitor or use a separate
hand-held meter

Main Dial

Turn the Main Dial (near the shutter button) to adjust shutter speeds

Quick Control Dial

Turn the rear Quick Control Dial to adjust the aperture setting

ISO button and Main Dial

Press the ISO button and turn the Main Dial to vary ISO or set Automatic ISO operation