Speedlite 600EX-RT & Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT
Compatibility With Existing EOS Gear

Speedlite 600EX-RT will replace the current 580EX II as Canon’s #1 flash unit. To answer some vital compatibility questions and concerns:

Some of the many compatible EOS digital SLR and PowerShot cameras
1) It is completely compatible for E-TTL automatic flash exposure with any EOS digital SLR that’s ever been made.
  • Also compatible for E-TTL with any PowerShot that has an accessory shoe (PowerShot G12, G11, SX-series, and so on).
EOS A2E and EOS-1
film cameras

2) It is backward-compatible with older TTL-type film cameras that don’t use the more recent E-TTL flash metering system.

  • This includes cameras like the 35mm
    EOS A2/A2E, original EOS-1 film camera,
    and so on
Canon EX-series Speedlites

3) It is completely compatible with Canon’s existing, optical-based Wireless E-TTL system.

  • It can be mixed and matched with other
    EX-series Speedlites off-camera as
    “slave units”
  • It can act as an on-camera “master unit” to trigger any existing EX-series Speedlites as slave units
    • Users do not have to replace all of
      their flash units, but can simply add
      the Speedlite 600EX-RT to their
      flash arsenal
Radio-based mode
Optical-based mode
4) It offers both traditional optical-based Wireless flash, and introduces the option of entirely new radio-based Wireless E-TTL as well.
  • These are two totally separate operation methods:
    • Radio-based wireless flash does require use of the 600EX-RT, with optional use of the ST-E3-RT transmitter.*
    • Older EX-series Speedlites are not compatible with Canon’s radio wireless transmission — they are limited to optical wireless control only.
    • It’s not possible to mix the new radio-based Wireless control with Canon’s traditional optical-type Wireless flashes in the same image.
  • As of March, 2012

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