Canon PowerShot D20
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  1. Improved durability allows the PowerShot D20 to face extreme ___________ as well as underwater use.
  2. The new Low _________ Scene Mode allows for ISO up to 6400, at reduced 2.8MP resolution.
  3. The “__________ audience” is an active enthusiast group, which consistently shows a willingness to invest in products that fit their lifestyle, and can be easily blended into the activities they like to do.
  1. ThePowerShot D20 model has been built for increased _______ and versatility, making it ideal for a wide range of adventures and activities.
  2. The PowerShot D20 is ideal for situations where tender _______ care is not
    always possible.
  3. The PowerShot D20 has been updated with some _________ Canon Technologies.
  4. The 5x Zoom Lens provides users with an __________ zoom range.
  5. The PowerShot D20 features Canon�s GPS _________ capability, allowing the D20 to keep a daily record of the camera�s movements.
  6. Setting the PowerShot D20�s lens apart from nearly all other PowerShot models is the ________ optical system.
  7. Typical users are those who would benefit from an extremely durable camera, including outdoor enthusiasts and ______ professionals.
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