Ask for the sale every time.
  • Say: It sounds like the Nikon 1 J1 or V1 fits perfectly with your needs and lifestyle. Can I ring this up for you?
  • Once you've asked for the sale, address concerns or objections your customer may have with appropriate Nikon 1 System feature and benefit statements, then ask for the sale again.
To wrap up the sale, let them know they've made a great choice.
  • Say: You're going to love your new Nikon 1 Camera, especially when capturing photos and video of your new baby.
  • Explain any next steps. Say: You'll want to charge the battery as soon as you get home and make sure you insert your new memory card. You'll be ready to use your camera in no time.
  • Ask: Do you have any questions about the Nikon 1 Camera before you leave? I'd be happy to go over any features and benefits you don't fully understand.