• Ideal for content creators.
  • Customers who to create video, edit pictures, build websites, construct spreadsheets.
  • Can serve as the primary computing device.
  • Customers may want:
    • Optical drives
    • Multitasking
    • Big screens
  • Ideal for content consumers.
  • Great for viewing or sharing content from the web or another device.
  • Secondary device - the customer already has a laptop.
  • Customers may want:
    • Light weight
    • Touch interface
    • Instant on
    • Pass-around capability
    • Shared phone experience
  • Ideal for mobile text creators.
  • Customers need:
    • Long battery life rating
    • Small form factor
    • Light weight
    • Real keyboard
    • Windows Applications
  • Customers might be bloggers, writers, mobile professionals who do a lot of email, young kids.