Once you know your customer already owns or is purchasing a Nintendo 3DS system, try asking:

Are you an avid Mario fan?
Mario enthusiasts will delight at this latest generation of the classic franchise, where new and familiar abilities add unique game-play strategies to the adventure, and the 3D environments increase the excitement level.Tanooki Mario is back and more fun than ever.

Do you love playing platform games?
If you love the challenge of making a character jump, bounce, battle and power-up through visually stunning worlds, this is the platform game for you!

Do you enjoy 3D games?
You will really be able to immerse yourself in the Mushroom Kingdom in this 3D platforming adventure designed exclusively for a handheld system. No special glasses are needed to enjoy the incredible multi-dimensional visuals. Super Mario 3D Land is the perfect 3D evolution of classic Mario platforming, featuring all-new level designs and challenges.