More and more people keep their music library on an MP3 player, rather than CDs. Depending on their car audio system, they have several options for listening to music from their MP3 player in the car.

Plug and Play These connect your Customers' player to their car's audio system using the existing capabilities of the system — the FM radio or the tape deck.

  • Cassette adapter— The cassette adapter plugs into the car's cassette deck. The adapter can connect to any MP3 player via the headphone jack. But this solution delivers lower sound quality, and some cassette decks may not accept it.
  • FM transmitter— The FM transmitter broadcasts the signal from an MP3 player to the FM radio in the car. There are no wires. The adapter works with any player and any car radio and keeps the MP3 player charged. But this solution has low sound quality and may not work in urban areas or near sources of radio interference.
  • Line-in kits provide the simplest connection that your Customers can use — a mini-jack (or aux-in jack) that they can connect to their MP3 player.

Factory Kits: Fully Integrated Solution
Most newer car models and car radios make it even easier for customers to listen to their digital music on the go. Some car manufacturers provide fully integrated solutions, such as a docking station that connects an MP3 Player to the car audio system.

This is an excellent solution. The sound is great. Customers can control the player and display song titles and information using the car stereo controls. This solution also charges their player while it is connected.