With Nintendo DSi XL, your customers can enjoy all of the features of the Nintendo DSi system, in a super-sized package.

  • Screen Size — the Nintendo DSi XL system's two screens are each larger than those on the Nintendo DSi:
    Nintendo DSi: 3.25"
    Nintendo XL: 4.2"
  • Full Size Stylus — Touch control is much easier with this full size, easy to hold stylus, tailor-made for added precision when playing on the larger screens.
  • 3 Pre-Installed Titles
    • Brain Age™ Express: Math — Players can train their brain with familiar activities in this math-focused edition of the popular Brain Age series.
    • Brain Age™ Express: Arts & Letters — This Brain Age title is artistically focused.
    • Photo Clock — Customers can use images taken with the Nintendo DSi Camera application as the background for a clock.
  • Also included are the Nintendo DSi™ Browser and the Flipnote Studio™ animation application.