No other console puts players right into the game like Nintendo Wii™.

  • Controls: The Wii Remote™ Plus controller is easy to use no matter what your gaming experience. The familiarity of a TV remote, combined with motion-sensing technology makes for a seamless experience. Just pick it up and make the motions – bowling, playing tennis, golfing – any type of game will feel natural, and like nothing your customers have experienced with a gaming console before.
  • Games: The Wii game library is chock full of hundreds of great titles, with something for any type of player. From sports, to action games, puzzle titles, fitness, cooking, or RPG titles, your customers will find something everyone can enjoy.
  • Mii™ Characters: Customers can personalize their Wii experience by creating caricatures of themselves that can be used in games like Wii Sports™, Wii Fit™ Plus, and Wii Sports Resort™. They can create their own Mii characters or download ones made by other Wii owners once they connect their Wii to the Internet.
  • Wii Parents: Easy-to-use parental controls allow users to manage access to Wii game software based on the ESRB rating, restrict access to various channels, limit the ability of users to send and receive messages, or prohibit the use of Wii Points™ in the Wii Shop Channel.
  • Internet Connectivity: All Wii consoles can connect to the Internet, allowing customers to play online with friends near and far, access Netflix, download new and classic games, and much more (Broadband Internet connection required). See the next screen for more details.