Easy to set up and easy to use, Wii is ready for everybody to play and comes with the following included for straight-out-of-the-box fun:

  • One Wii Remote™ Plus Controller – An enhanced version of the original Wii Remote, the Wii Remote Plus controller combines the intuitive motion controls of the original with Wii MotionPlus precision gyroscopic technology built in for very accurate position-based motion sensing. The Wii Remote Plus also packs a speaker, rumble feature, and external connector for other input devices, like the Nunchuk™ controller and the Classic Controller™.
  • One Nunchuk™ Controller – The Nunchuk has motion-sensing technology, along with two buttons and a Control Stick for even more flexibility in compatible games. This allows your customers to move characters around while performing more specific actions with the Wii Remote Plus controller.
  • Mario Kart™ Wii Game – This gaming sensation lets your customers get behind the wheel with Mario and race with up to four friends.
  • Wii Wheel™ Accessory – Designed to improve accuracy and control, the Wii Wheel lets you steer like you're driving an actual car and makes racing games more realistic and fun. Just snap the Wii Remote Plus controller into the Wii Wheel and you're ready to race.
  • Sensor Bar – Works silently with the Wii Remote controller to turn arm motions into game-winning moves. Up to 4 controllers can connect at once, for great multiplayer fun!
  • Standard composite cable
  • Power cord