Picture Quality - Even an entry-level point-and-shoot digital camera can take higher-resolution pictures than most camcorders, turning out more detailed pictures.

Red-Eye Reduction - A digital camera comes loaded with features like red-eye reduction, focus lock and other features that will allow your customers to get their best shot.

Advanced Features - DSLR cameras allow customers to switch out lenses for wide-angle and closeup shots. Shutter-speed control allows your customer to get great action shots with no blurriness.

Video Quality - Many digital camcorders can shoot high definition 1080p video.

Zoom - Camcorder lenses are generally capable of offering greater zoom than a digital camera can.

Recording Time - Digital camcorders can record video to flash storage cards or to internal memory, capable of storing more memory than memory cards.

Picture adjustment - A digital camcorder generally allows users to adjust lighting and other video recording options unlike a camera.