Anyone who's ever taken the time to fill an ice tray with water and wait for it to freeze can understand the convenience of built-in water and ice dispensers.

Exterior Water and Ice Dispensers are a common feature on side-by-Side and French Door-style refrigerators. Customers can save money buying bottled water and instead get fresh, filtered water from their refrigerator and, often, other features:

  • Cubed/Crushed Ice selection: This feature allows customers to choose between ice cubes and crushed ice.
  • Lockout: Lock the water and ice dispenser to prevent young kids from using it and making a watery mess.
  • Filter-change indicator: Lets customer know when it's time for a new water filter.

Interior ice makers
Located in the freezer, interior ice makers are available on most styles of refrigerators and keep the ice bin filled when on.