With so many styles of refrigerators to choose from, finding a refrigerator may seem overwhelming to customers. Let's go through key features you can discuss with your customers to help guide them to the refrigerator that best meets their needs.

Understanding what type of space your customer has for a refrigerator will allow you to help them narrow their choices to those styles that are able to fit the available space.

A customer with a narrow, galley kitchen is likely to prefer a side-by-side refrigerator or French door-style refrigerator over a Top Freezer, because they'll be able to open the doors more easily. A customer looking for a refrigerator to slide into their cabinetry will be interested in Built-in refrigerators that run flush with cabinets.

How many people will be using the refrigerator? This question will help determine capacity. If your customer is looking for a refrigerator that will hold enough food to feed a large family who eats at home regularly, they'll be interested in a larger capacity refrigerator than a single person would be.

Use and Eating Habits
What types of foods does your customer store in their refrigerator? How your customer plans to use their refrigerator will allow you to guide them to one with features that are likely to best accommodate their food. A customer who regularly shops at farmers market and eats only fresh food is likely to be more interested in a larger refrigerator space and fresh-food compartments. Someone who cooks frozen meals or stores food is likely to be more interested in more freezer space.