Health-conscious cooks and veggie lovers have long steamed food, usually on a stovetop over a pot of boiling water. Steam from the water rises up, heating the fish, chicken or veggies on the rack above. Steam ovens work in a similar way, but allow customers to easily steam entire meals.

A steam oven comes with a reservoir that cooks fill with water before turning on the oven. Once the oven is turned on, the water is heated to create steam, which then circulates throughout to cook the food. Steam cooking has many benefits.

  • Speed: Steam cooks food substantially faster than conventional heating systems.
  • Healthy and Flavorful: Steam locks in flavor and nutrients. Vegetables, fish and meats are gently and evenly cooked, allowing them to retain vitamins and flavor.

The major drawback of steam ovens is that they can't brown foods. Meat, pies and other food cooked in a steam oven will be cooked, but pale in comparison to food cooked in a conventional oven.