A convection oven is heated from the bottom, allowing warm air to circulate throughout to heat food. With a convection oven, internal fans circulate heat in the oven to ensure a consistent temperature, evenly cooking food. Some convection ovens add a third heating element in the back of the oven to more evenly cook food.

Convection ovens are pricier than conventional ovens, but they offer cooks many benefits.
  • Speed: Convection ovens cook food faster, cutting cook times by 25% or more.
  • Consistency: Because convection ovens ensure a consistent temperature throughout the oven, food is cooked evenly on the top and bottom, regardless of the rack level. Cookies will be evenly browned on any rack.
  • Efficiency: Convection ovens preheat faster and food can often be cooked at a lower temperature and in less time because of the improved heat circulation, making them more energy efficient.

Convection ovens allow cooks more control in cooking delicate baked goods and evenly baking dense foods like turkeys and hams. Pies and cookies are more evenly browned; pastries come out flakier.