By now you should have a good grasp of the latest cooking technology available to your customers. Let's go through some questions you can ask customers to determine which cooking technology is right for them.

What types of food do you like to cook?
This question will help you guide customers to the right type of oven or stove, depending on their needs. Remember, different heating technologies offer cooks different benefits. A customer who loves to bake pies is likely to be more interested in a convection oven that will help them create brown and flaky crusts rather than a steam oven, which doesn't brown food. Conversely, a customer who likes to steam fish and vegetables might be more interested in a steam oven than a microwave.

How often do you cook?
Knowing how often and how much time customers spend making meals is also key. A customer who spends hours in the kitchen each week creating the perfect meal is more likely to be interested in a convection oven or induction stove because it will give them greater control over cooking temperatures. A customer who uses the kitchen to quickly heat meals for the family might be more interested in a combination microwave, convection oven or induction stove because they cook food faster.

Who do you cook for?
This will help you guide your customer to a product that's the right size for them. A customer who cooks meals for a large family will be interested in a different size oven than a couple who only cooks for themselves.