Welcome to the Cooking Technology training.

Whether your customers are beginning cooks whose idea of a home-cooked meal is throwing a frozen dinner into the microwave or seasoned chefs who carefully sauté vegetables and roast only the finest of meats, the latest cooking technology will give them greater control over their food while saving time and energy.

Convection ovens allow customers to evenly cook Thanksgiving turkeys and evenly brown the crust on summer pies. Induction stovetops give chefs ultimate temperature control, allowing them to melt chocolate without burning it and create other delicate sauces. Steam ovens allow health-conscious cooks to lock in nutrients and flavor in vegetables and meats. And, let's not forget, the time-saving microwave, which makes reheating a snap.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  • Explain the latest types of cooking technology
  • Describe to customers the different types of heating technology and what each is used for
  • Help customers choose cooking appliances that best meet their needs