Digital cameras make it fun and easy for customers to take lots of pictures, but customers will need a way to manage their digital libraries so they can store and easily find all their favorite memories. The major computer operating systems come loaded with programs to store and organize photos and many Internet photo-sharing websites offer similar features. Customers can:

  • Save photos, videos and digital images in one place on their computer or online.
  • Manage their image library. Customers can group pictures into folders or create albums.
  • Do basic photo editing and create slideshows, cards, calendars and other picture mementos.
  • Share pictures through email or on the Internet.
  • Order Prints and other photo products. Most programs are linked to online photo services, allowing customers to easily upload photos and place their order in a few clicks.

Customers will want to backup their image library to protect their photo memories.

An external hard drive will allow customers to back up their library, keeping their photos safe if anything ever happens to their computer.

Another option is to back up photos on blank CDs or DVDs, which are inexpensive and can hold thousands of pictures.

Alternately, many photo-sharing sites allow subscribers to back up their entire photo library online. By storing photos online, customers can access their pictures from any computer and from many Internet-connected devices. They also never need to worry about losing their photos if their computer fails.