Digital Prints allow customers to display digital photos in their favorite picture frame. Many photo software programs allow users to directly connect to online stores to upload photos and order prints. Internet photo-sharing sites also make it easy for customers to order glossy prints or even create photo albums, calendars and other products to display their favorite pictures.

Customers who make a lot of prints or who want that instant gratification from immediately printing photos may prefer a photo printer. Using the right paper and printer, it's easy to get photo lab-quality prints at home, anytime. Photo printers can make prints in a variety of sizes and photo-finishes.

Digital photo frames are a stylish way for customers to show off their favorite digital pictures. Customers can choose to show just one picture or a slideshow of digital pictures. Frames come loaded with a built-in speaker for sound and the ability to play videos.

Customers can transfer photos wirelessly or simply plug in a photo memory card or USB drive loaded with pictures. Many frames come with built-in internal memory. Some have HDMI outputs, allowing customers to plug the frame directly into their HDTV to show off pictures.