The Point-and-Shoot is an ultra-portable camera great for customers on a budget and beginning photographers who don't want to have to mess with lots of buttons to get a great picture.

Point-and-shoots are simple to use with automatic settings for picture taking. Many are pocket-sized, making them great travel companions.

The compact camera is a cross between a slim point-and-shoot and a more advanced Digital SLR, used by advanced photographers. Compact cameras offer customers more control over picture taking, with the option of automatic or manual settings. They also offer advanced features like the ability to switch out lenses for sharper zooms. Yet they are ultra-portable, making them easier to travel with than a bulkier DSLR.

Compact cameras cost more than a point-and-shoot but less than a DSLR.

The Digital SLR camera is a more advanced camera made for photographers who want more artistic control over the pictures they take. DSLRs have automatic and manual settings and come with interchangeable lenses.

They have the highest megapixel and zoom capabilities, for sharper and more detailed pictures. They are pricier than other types of cameras and geared at experienced photographers.