These products will allow your customers to display and share their favorite photos with friends and family.

  • Photo Printer: With the right printer paper, customers can make lab-quality prints on a home photo printer. Plus, they'll save money by printing at home.
  • Digital Photo Frame: Digital photo frames are a great way to display images. Show just one or an entire slideshow, and all without a PC. Available features include wireless photo transfer, built-in speaker for video clips and internal memory.
  • Home Entertainment Products: Many of today's home entertainment products can access digital images on your customers' home network or online photo sharing site and display them on the family room TV. These are a perfect way for customers to experience and share digital photos at home.
  • Portable Devices: Tablet PCs, MP3 players, smartphones and other portable devices are great for sharing digital pictures on the go. Most devices can sync directly with a PC for transferring files, via Bluetooth, or directly from a camera's memory card.
  • Blank CDs and DVDs: Optical discs are easy and inexpensive ways to share and store digital images. They are compatible with an extraordinarily wide variety of devices, and they are compact and durable.