A growing number of your customers are likely to have tablet PCs, MP3 players, eReaders and other portable devices that use a wireless Internet connection. Mobile broadband service - which provides wireless Internet service at home and on the road - may be an appealing option for these customers.

Mobile broadband is offered by mobile phone carriers over 3G and 4G cellular networks. Customers can set up a home network with mobile broadband, just as they can with DSL or cable broadband service. As with traditional broadband routers, mobile broadband routers let multiple PCs and devices share the Internet connection simultaneously. Mobile broadband routers look and operate just like traditional home networking routers, except most provide a slot or connection for a mobile broadband card.

A key benefit of mobile broadband service is that customers can access the Internet outside the home - anywhere mobile phone service is available. This makes it a great option for customers who work outside the home on laptops or netbooks or for those who have tablets or other portable devices they take on the go. With mobile broadband, customers can access the Internet wherever they are, even when there's no Wi-Fi service available.