After you learn how your customer plans to use their home network, you can help them select the right products for it. Let's take a look at the things customers will need:

Broadband Internet Service
To begin, make sure your customer has broadband Internet service. If they still have dial-up, you'll want to help them understand their broadband options.

Wired or Wireless
Most customers these days will be interested in a wireless home network. However, if a customer is only interested in connecting computers with Ethernet connections, then a wired network will meet their needs. Ask what devices they plan to hook up to their network to make sure they choose the network that works best for them.

After your customer determines the type of network they want, you'll want to help them find the right router to get them connected.

If your customer wants to wirelessly connect a device that does not have wireless built in, don't forget they will need an adapter.