Netbooks are a relatively new entrant to the computer family. They're basically a smaller, utilitarian version of laptop made for working on the computer and accessing the Internet on the go. They also significantly less.

  • Super Portable: Everything about the netbook is made for portability. They weigh 3 pounds or less and come with screens 12 inches or smaller. They're super-compact and lightweight, which makes them a great travel companion for anyone who wants to work or browse the Internet wherever they may find themselves.
  • More Memory than Tablets: Netbooks come with slower processors than laptops and desktops and less storage capacity, though they still have bigger hard drives than tablets and smartphones making them better able to store movies and other files.
  • Fewer Ports Keep It Lightweight: Netbooks have USB ports. DVD and CD drives are not included with netbooks so that they aren't weighed down. Customers can purchase an external CD/DVD drive and connect it to a netbook through a USB port.
  • Internet Connectivity: A wireless Internet connection is standard as is an Ethernet port for a wired connection. Some netbooks come with 3G mobile broadband, enabling them to connect online through mobile services for a fee.

Netbooks are ultra-portable computers that customers can easily cart around for work or browsing the Internet and emailing friends. They may lack the power of a laptop, but they also lack the price tag. For consumers who already have a desktop and are looking for a second computer to port around for work, a netbook is a great option.