Sleep features, which work during Standby, Hibernate, and Shut Down mode, make sure the laptop isn't just sitting there when your customer isn't typing on it.

Sleep & Music

In a laptop with this feature, your customer can use the laptop speakers as the speakers for their portable media player, smart phone, or other audio source.

The benefits are:

  • Your customer doesn't have to use headphones to listen to their music
  • It makes it easier to share their music with other people in the room
  • Customers don't need to travel with external speakers for their media player, which saves room in their luggage

USB Sleep & Charge

You can tell if a laptop has this feature because it will have a lightning bolt graphic next to one or more USB ports.

The benefit is that your customer can use the laptop USB port to recharge a USB powered device without turning on the laptop. That means they don't need to travel with a power brick to recharge most USB powered smart phones, portable media players, and even many video cameras. Again, they save space in their luggage.